ben hoare

recent talks

  • Integrable deformations of Z2 and Z4 permutation cosets,
         Fields, Strings, and Geometry Seminar, University of Surrey, November 2022.
         QFT, Strings and Beyond Seminar, ETH Zurich, May 2022.

  • Integrability in String Theory,
         Durham Maths Research Day, Durham University, September 2022.

  • Integrable deformations and quantum corrections,
         Integrability in String, Field, and Condensed Matter Theory, KITP, Santa Barbara, September 2022.

  • Geometry: How maths helps us do physics,
         Durham University International Study Centre, June 2022.
         Hendon School, London, July 2019.

  • The relation between Yang-Baxter deformations and perturbations of gauged WZW models,
         Mathematical Physics Seminar, University of York, February 2022.
         North British Mathematical Physics Seminar, Durham University, November 2021.

  • Yang-Baxter deformations of the Principal Chiral Model plus Wess-Zumino term,
         Workshop on New Developments in Quantum Gravity and String Theory, Corfu Summer Institute, Online, September 2021.
         Quantum Field and String Theory Seminar, Humboldt University Berlin, Online, February 2021.

  • Integrability in String Theory,
         CPT Colloquium, Durham University, Online, February 2021.

  • Sigma models with local couplings: a new connection between integrability and RG flow,
         Nuclear and Particle Physics Seminar, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Online, November 2020.
         Integrability in Gauge and String Theory, Online, August 2020.

  • Integrable sigma models and 2-loop renormalisation group flow,
         Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology Seminar, University of Copenhagen, February 2020.
         Gravitational Physics Seminar, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), Potsdam, October 2019.

  • Yang-Baxter deformations with Drinfel'd-Jimbo R-matrices,
         Conformal Field Theory in Higher Dimensions, Independent University of Moscow, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology,
    and Higher School of Economics, September 2019.

  • Integrable deformations of the AdS5 × S5 superstring: resolving some puzzles,
         Quantum Field and String Theory Seminar, Humboldt University Berlin, June 2019.
         Integrability, duality and beyond, University of Santiago de Compostela, June 2019.

  • The Yang-Baxter deformation of the AdS5 × S5 superstring: resolving some puzzles,
         Operators, Functions, and Systems of Mathematical Physics Conference, Khazar University, Baku, June 2019.
         Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Seminar, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, April 2019.

  • Symmetries: How maths helps us do physics,
         Hendon School, London, November 2018.

  • Poisson-Lie duals of η-deformed superstrings,
         Dualities and Generalized Geometries, Corfu Summer Institute, September 2018.

  • Integrable deformations of AdS superstrings and Weyl symmetry,
         String Theory Seminar, DESY Hamburg, May 2018.
         Quantum Field Theory Seminar, Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, April 2018.
         Mathematical Physics Seminar, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, April 2018.
         High-Energy Physics Theory Seminar, NORDITA, Stockholm, April 2018.